George Liston

President and Chair
On Board Since: 
March 2017

Key Responsibilities: President and Chair

As President, I represent Scottish Fencing as its titular and functional head in all public affairs.

As Chairman, I chair all meetings of the Directors and all General Meetings of Scottish Fencing; I also work to deliver assurance that Scottish Fencing complies with all relevant governance and strives to identify and nurture best practice.

Background: My career in the Royal Air Force and in my ongoing Board experience as a Non-executive Director within an NHS Trust have provided me with considerable experience of governance regimes, management practices and successful leadership.  I look forward to applying these for my four-year term, whilst also continuing to step onto the piste as a competitor.

Throughout my fencing career, as a representative fencer in Scotland and GB teams at each level from schools to veterans, as well as representing both the Royal Air Force and the Combined Services throughout three decades, I have experienced many different clubs, coaches, competition formats, training regimes and attitudes to our sport. I have trained regularly at clubs furth of the UK - in particular in Germany, the USA, Italy and France - and I have competed in many countries worldwide.  As a fencer, I understand the range of issues that can assist aspiring fencers and I look forward to helping all those in Scotland who wish to experience and enjoy our sport.