Join Scottish Fencing

You can renew club and individual membership of Scottish Fencing via sport80 using this link.

If you are a new member please use this link

If you have any difficulties accessing or using the sport80 system please contact There is also a "support button" on the top right hand side with guides you can read to help you with each step. 

Individual membership

There are four categories of membership and you can see current pricing here:

  • Starter – For newcomers to the sport, irrespective of whether they ultimately intend to compete or simply just enjoy a recreational form of fencing
  • Recreational – For people who want to fence in a club, participate in inter-club matches, but do not want to compete in conventional fencing competitions
  • Compete – For people that want to compete
  • Support – For volunteers, fans, supporters and parents

To help you decide which  category you require, you can read about the full benefits of membership here. You can find full terms and conditions here.

You need to be a fully paid up member, of any category, and aged over 16 to vote at the Scottish Fencing Annual General Meeting.

Insurance cover

You can find the full details of the insurance covered offered to members here

The standard Membership (whether Support/Starter/Recreational/Compete) does not include liability insurance cover if you are operating in a professional capacity – for example coaching or refereeing for payment. You must be on the relevant British Fencing register to benefit from full cover. There may be an additional charge in some cases for this registration. For more information please contact

Club Membership

All clubs will need to register with Scottish Fencing and have a valid club membership to benefit from club insurance. This currently costs £40.

Benefits for clubs include:

1) Public Liability (typically a pre-condition of venue hire)

2) Fencers may affiliate to the club in the competitive membership category and represent the club in competitions

3) Non Scottish Fencing member fencers participating in beginner sessions are extended the benefits of public liability (subject to additional conditions)

4) Bulk registration of members, with discounts of up to £5 on membership fees even if Direct Debit is not used.

5) Support for grant applications (typically SGBs are required to endorse applications for local public funding – a pre-condition to this is that the club is a member of the SGB)

Clubs are expected to encourage all fencers participating in a club to hold individual membership of Scottish Fencing. Individual non-members, even if they are fencing in member clubs or under the instruction of registered coaches are NOT afforded the insurance benefits of members except in specific circumstances (see point 3 above). Further details on insurance cover is here