European Week of Sport - David's Story...


At Scottish Fencing, we are incredibly proud of the work being done by our member clubs to give people the opportunity to try our amazing sport. Clubs are the beating heart of our sport, and we are constantly in awe of the effort being given on a daily basis by the Club Leaders, Coaches and Volunteers. Below is an example of how one of these clubs has made a huge impact on someone’s life…

Like many adult males in Scotland, David Ferguson has had to fight with the big black dog. Coming back to fencing as an adult and going along to Dingwall Fencing Club has allowed him to quite literally fight back against depression.

“It was hard at first, finding the courage and the motivation to go back, but I did. My old coach was still there, so that was one familiar face, and a lot of new ones. I went through the warm up. We did a bit of footwork, which felt familiar enough. Then I started to fight. It took me a few minutes to realise what was different. As the adrenaline kicked in and the old reflexes started coming back, I was actually enjoying myself. And that was how my recovery started.

Fencing is a sport which engages the whole person, physical, mental and emotional working in concert. The more I get in to it, the more I get out of it. You build relationships within the club. I soon started helping out coaching some of the kids. A few years ago I got involved in the running of the club, too.

I’m not saying fencing is the answer for everyone, but it was certainly a big part of the answer for me. Why? I don’t entirely know. Partly it’s the simple fact that you are getting physically fitter. Partly it’s the movements and the rhythm. Partly it is the rush of combat and partly it’s the engaging of your brain at a tactical level.

I still have a black dog, but when it sees me with a sword in my hand, it gets back in its kennel and keeps its head down!”

Dingwall Fencing Club is the perfect example of a club that provides more than a sport. It provides community, a place for people to go and have fun in a safe, social environment. Scottish Fencing is immensely proud of the work that our clubs do to provide all people with the opportunity to try our sport.

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