European Week of Sport - Donna & Thea's Story...

At Scottish Fencing, we are incredibly proud of the work being done by our member clubs to give people the opportunity to try our amazing sport. Clubs are the beating heart of our sport, and we are constantly in awe of the effort being given on a daily basis by the Club Leaders, Coaches and Volunteers. Below is an example of how one of these clubs has made a huge impact on someone’s life…

Donna was looking to get back into fencing. When she found West Lothian Fencing Club, she realised that her daughter, Thea, could come along too.


“It’s great to be part of such a friendly and family orientated club where we can train with not only other members but each other. Thea and I get to spend time together learning a new sport and keeping fit!”


West Lothian Fencing Club has several parent and child members, and create a fantastic environment for families who wish to fence, spend time and keep fit together.  


“I value my time fencing with Thea. We have great fun and are both learning new skills.  We also practice at home and like to discuss with each other what has improved (and what needs a little more work)!” 


Thea – who is 9 – is happy fencing with her Mum at West Lothian FC because “it’s a sport that we can spend time doing together.” 


Time is our most valuable resource, and those of us with children treasure the time we can spend with them. West Lothian Fencing Club is an amazing example of a club that puts the community at the heart of everything it does, bringing families through the door and allowing them to share the physical, emotional and social benefits of participating in our great sport, together.


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